Introduction to our fees

Private dental care offers an elevated level of service and flexibility, providing you with more options and reduced waiting times. Longer appointment durations enable thorough discussions about your choices, ensuring a personalized treatment plan that suits your needs.

At Delph Dental Practice, we remain committed to utilising top-notch treatments, products, and advancements that evolve over time. Our transparent and fixed fee structure guarantees clear communication and comprehensive understanding of your treatment options and associated costs.

Treatment Plan price Non-plan price
New Patient Dental Health Check Inclusive of radiographs £75.00
Routine Dental Health Check £60.00 £75.00
Hygiene visit (Scale and polish) £60.00 £75.00
Routine Digital Radiograph £18.00 £21.67
Filling – Silver: from £130.00 £162.50
Filling – White: from £130.00 £162.50
Extraction: from £123.00 £153.65
Crowns & Bridges: from £450.00 £562.35
Dentures: from £580.17 £723.00
Whitening: from £312.21 £389.75
Custom sports mouth shield £162.25 £206.00

Patient Reviews

On time, polite and patient oriented.
The dentist kept you informed about the ongoing procedures at all times and was constantly concerned about my comfort.
When all was finished I could not feel any rough bits or unevenness, that has to be a good sign of a "job well done".
Restored my faith in Dentists, thank you all.

Martin Wilson

By far the best dentist I've ever seen. Extracted 2 teeth very quickly and with no pain. Were very reassuring regarding my anxiety and explained everything as they went along. All in all, everything was perfect!

Doktress Melange

Wow, Ratna and the dental nurse were absolutely awesome, so careing and understanding and although I was still nervous I have been 3 times now and had all the treatment I needed, I have joined the silver monthly plan and I will definitely be going back every 6 months. Thank you The Delph.

Elizabeth Makin

I always see John for any treatment and he’s amazing. I’ve always been frightened of seeing the dentist in the past due to very bad experiences, but with John he always puts me at ease and the treatment is spot on.

Amanda Smith

Best experience I’ve ever had at a Dentist. Laura and her team were fast and efficient and made me feel right at ease.

Matt Bettany

Always recieve excellent care and service by John and I am more than happy to recommend
this dental practice and give an easy and well deserved 5 stars.

Ian Watson